Self – Care. How to put yourself first by being a caregiver to your body is never a natural step to take. Why is it so hard to say no to other people when you know you have to take care of yourself. Many times we aren’t thinking of ourselves, self-care, our health and how we feel on the back burner like we don’t matter.


Self-care =a fit caregiver


Self – Care – So you don’t know where to start here is a list to help you out, so you can put yourself first.

You know all the famous saying ‘put the oxygen mask on before your kids.’ It makes sense you need to make sure you are okay before you can help someone else.

Don’t be in denial, sure your a caregiver but don’t make excuses that you care for others, and you don’t have time for yourself. You don’t have time to eat right, exercise, or find something you love doing. What happens when your health starts going downhill? Someone else will take your place to care for your loved one or someone you care for.

So please take care of yourself your life is so valuable and worth it, and you will feel so much better.

If ‘putting yourself first sounds too selfish or too hard, try something simpler: put yourself on an equal footing with those you love and care for.

When you put yourself first, some people might not be happy about it. This is not about them it's about taking care of you and being happy and healthy. Only you can help you. #caregiving #selfcare Click To Tweet

It’s not selfish to take care of you, your friends and loved ones need all of you. Not just a part of you that is stressed & tired.  You want the ones you care for to be happy and healthy so should you. Self – Care is for your heart, soul, and wellbeing. Just remember you are the caregiver of your own body.

When you put yourself first, some people might not be happy about it. It’s not about them it’s about taking care of you and being happy and healthy. Only you can help you. You can’t be expected to please everybody except for yourself.

We all have a life to live! We all have unique and distinctive purposes to fulfill!

You were created on purpose for a purpose- a fit caregiver

Everybody has a purpose on earth, and everybody must live there true purpose while God gives life to us each day! You are not on earth to compete with anybody but your true purpose. You are not on earth to compare yourself to anybody, but you in you and the true purpose for which you came here!

  • Life is good when you don’t compare yourself in a manner that will make you feel bad.
  • Life is good when you know your true purpose in life and who you must live to be and to please!

You fulfill your true you distinctively when you understand you are you and not anybody!

So many people are living others destiny just because they have neglected their true purpose! So many people think just because they compare themselves wrongfully with others and things! Everybody has a life, and everybody must live a life! If there is any reason to compare yourself to others and things, let it be the inspiration you get from comparing yourself to others and things that make you do something unique! There is a valid reason for our existence on earth, and we must reason from nothing, but the exact reason why we live each day!


Would you like to join our 30 day Self – Care Challenge you can find all the details below. Every month we change it up, for a different challenge.  Its all about taking care of your mind, body, and soul. Take care of yourself and have a beautiful week!

30 Day Self-care Challenge - a fit caregiver


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