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video conferencing for seniors - a fit caregiver

Senior companionship with video calling with a remote personal assistant. When you need the assurance that your loved one is okay sometimes, they need that one on one interaction to overcome loneliness and give families peace of mind. Making seniors lives better.


Making Seniors Lives Better through Companionship With video calling Personal assistant


remote personal assistant a fit caregiver




Veras assigns a remote personal assistant to your loved one to provide companionship.


  • play games
  • remind about appointments
  • schedule dr appointments
  • exercise and wellness coaching
  • ordering groceries or restaurant delivery
  • birthday and gift reminders
  • arranging taxi, uber or lift rides
  • Authorized family members receive weekly emails and report so you can stay informed about your loved one.


There is nothing harder than not knowing if your loved one is safe and happy when you are miles or many states away.  It can be very stressful. So this service does put your mind at ease, that your family member is happy and safe. Have a video conferencing system with a personal assistant helps not only your loved one but the ones that care about them.

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We’re building a better way for seniors to stay at home and have a better quality of life. Remote companions generate amazing value by providing companionship through conversation.

Loneliness is scary. Veras℠ gives you peace of mind with daily companionship through video calls. The service is much more affordable than traditional senior home care and personal home care. We send weekly updates to family. We carefully screen and train all Veras℠ remote companions, and we record all calls to ensure high security.


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