How to find the perfect caregiver

They are capable to do the job

Finding the perfect caregiver can be a lot of work and sometimes very stressful.  The last thing you want is to hire someone that doesn’t fit into your family dynamics since your loved one will be spending a lot of time with them.  Here are some essential tips on how to find the perfect caregiver for a family member or friend.





They are capable to do the job

What training have they had, how long ago was that training and do they still take classes to stay up to date with new things that are evolving in healthcare today.  To be a caregiver all you need is a high school diploma but many in-home care aides are CNA’s (Certified Nursing Assistants)  and are studying to be nurses.

If you hire an in-home care agency most of them are CPR/AED certified but many are not. Most States it’s not required by law.  They are just told by the company they work for to call 911.  Then the operator tells them what to do.  That may or may not include doing CPR.

Home care aides also call the agency there are employed by to keep them updated on their status, so they can inform the family. But if you hire this person yourself I would say make sure they are certified and they are keeping up with there training.  If you’re going through an agency they do a great job placing the right caregiver with the client.  This is a great way to go it you live out of town or don’t have the time to properly interview the caregiver.


They are capable to do the job

Someone you can trust

You will have to trust this person not only with your family member but with the valuables in there home. So trusting this person is very important and finding out if this person has the morals and the values in line with your family.

So if you’re hiring this person on your own it’s very important to do a background check and use social media platforms to research the person you are interviewing.  You can find out a lot about a person by what they post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagrams and even Pinterest.

All you have to do is put their name and where they live, or if you have an email address that is even better.  Just put there email address in the search bar and click on there profile and do a little private investigating of your own.



Patience is so important in home care and the last thing you want someone to be cursing like a sailor especially to the elderly. That can be very stressful and uncomfortable and the last thing you want is for your loved one to become anxious.  Certain diseases in the elderly might be aggravated if the person doesn’t have a calming voice but at the same time have a strong voice since their hearing may be impaired.




In the area of caregiving, you really do need someone that is compassionate and that can feel and understand the needs of others. What is compassion in finding the perfect caregiver?  Behaving toward others with affection, generosity, and concern. Watch there facial expressions, sadness, happiness or fidgeting.

Those are great clues to pay attention to since sometimes its difficult for seniors to find the words on how they are feeling. But if you’re observant you can ask them questions and that might be a better way to cut through the communication barrier.  To find someone that is compassionate when you are not around is everything, that is the true test.   So be observant of your loved ones and watch there body language on how they interact with this new caregiver.



Can you depend on this person when you really need them?  That’s a hard question that only time will tell, so that’s why it so important to make sure you check their references and ask about there dependability and if you can really count on this person to be there not only for you but your parent or loved one.



perfect caregiver

Putting all these elements together and you’re sure to find the perfect caregiver for you and your family. It might take you a while to find that special person that fits with your family but when you do you feel so much better knowing your parent or friend will be taken care of with love and compassion.

They are capable to do the job


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