Healthcare Humor for your laughing pleasure

Laughing and humor are so good for your well being especially if you work in the healthcare field or care for loved ones or friends, sometimes the stress of it all can get to you. Here are few of my favorite memes and pics I found on the web this week about our crazy jobs in the healthcare industry and a little healthcare humor.





Healthcare humor #1 – Yes! That was very loud Mr trainer, but I said I wanted to hear your HEART!!  Okay used your rhyming skills here.  Haha!!  Oh man, it sucks to get older, especially not hearing as well as we used to, but this is just too funny not to share.



Healthcare humor #2– guys will be guys it always comes back to the beer. ?





Healthcare humor #3

Too bad you don’t know everything as a teenager, well you think you; I love this because it is so relevant from our young teens to the elderly, tomorrow is never guaranteed so live life to the fullest.  I know we all get tied up in life and our own lives but never forget to take of you and nurture all of your relationships and don’t take them for granted.

For so many years I worked myself to the bone and put so much time into my kids so when they grew up and had their own lives I wondered what do I do now and where are all my friends. Just nurture the relationships that lift you up that have your back through the thick and thin, but also let go of those that bring you down or just give that friendship a little space and not so much of your time, so you don’t stress about it.




Healthcare humor #4

Do you know a Dad or Grandpa that would pimp out the bed in the hospital or the nursing home?  This picture represents my dad for sure; I remember as a kid he was always fixing things and tinkering with something.  The cars, computers or televisions you name it, he was tinkering it.  Shout out to all the hardworking, smart Daddy’s out there that their little girl loves him with all there heart. Once a car guy, always a car guy.


I hope these pictures gave you a laugh today and please share you never know you just might make someone smile.  If you have the power to make someone happy today, do it!  The world needs more of that.

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