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About A FIT Caregiver

Hi, my name is Stacey, the creator of A FIT Caregiver, welcome to my page and feel free to ask questions and let me know any posts you would like to add to my blog, maybe it’s your story or friends.  We are all here to help each other, somedays caregiving can be tough, like go in a closet and cry tough, but together with each additional support, we can do this. Here is a little bit more about A FIT Caregiver!

I was a home caregiver for over 30 different families in southern Illinois for three years and a certified nursing assistant for six years.  I have worked in nursing homes, hospitals and assisted living homes but I wasn’t having the satisfaction of helping others.   Since you are so rushed and having to care for so many people at once, it didn’t seem fair to them.  Working in home care you work one on one, which I really love and the families are so amazing and helping them by encouraging them with my words, education and compassion seemed to calm them.  Sure there is heartbreak especially when you lose your first client but knowing you did your best for them is a great comfort to you.

It took many years to figure out caring for others and educating them, being there for them is what inspires me and what makes me the happiest.  So I started this community of caregivers to help other with tips, inspiration and to feel there very best while caring for others.

Along with my home caregiving journey, I gained over 5o pounds and had a tough time with my health spiraling downward with depression, body aches and feeding that sadness and pain with food and alcohol, not a right combination at all.  My doctor put me on medication which didn’t help at all, so I decided to take my health in my own hands a cut out most of the processed foods and started working out, and amazing things happened.  Sure it took time, over a year but I have so much more energy, and I feel like I gained my life back.


As I got myself back, I realized I was getting burned out with all the hours I was working and not able to be with my family.  Working over 80 -100 hours a week that does start getting to you even though you are doing what you love.  I had to make some changes and think about my family, myself and my future, what is most important.  To me its family and being active and healthy for them, so I decided to volunteer and find a flexible job with great benefits, so in the summer of 2017, that’s what I did. I still volunteer in my community, learn from other advocates, speak with other caregivers and this site keeps me busy in doing what I love.

Whats your story, please share!

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