Finding Your Weight Loss Mindset

finding your weight loss mindset - a fit caregiver

Are you trying to lose weight and start living a healthy lifestyle but it just seems so confusing.  Maybe are you have problems sticking with eating right or just don’t have the time to workout.  2B Mindset is designed to help you lose weight happily so you can keep it off for good—without ever
depriving yourself, counting calories, or even having to exercise until you’re ready.


Yes, you can lose weight without doing a hard sweaty workout. Anything is possible when you have a positive mindset and the support of an inspiring community of other like-minded individuals to keep you accountable each and every day.  So many times your mind tells you negative things every day and you need to choose not to listen to them.  You can do this!  I will help you achieve your goals. I believe in you and with the help of our team, you can make your life so much better and rewarding.


What is the 2B Mindset™?

This is a video-based weight-loss program co-created by Ilana Muhlstein MS, RDN (Registered Dietitian Nutritionist), who lost 100 pounds herself—
and kept it off—using the 2B Mindset principles.

This program that will change your mindset about food, your body, and
losing weight. Instead of diets that focus on what you can’t eat, this simple and easy approach will have you focused on what
you can eat so you feel full, satisfied, and in control without ever counting calories or points or measuring food.


It’s not a diet—it’s a mindset. a fit caregiver



No more yo-yo dieting and emotional eating

Make your relationship with food and not how you feel emotionally.  I know how food makes me feel when I eat an excess of it or just the wrong foods.  It’s not a good feeling. My body starts to ache and I don’t have any energy to do even the basic things that need to be done.  When cravings start I know how to manage them and when I slip up I don’t beat myself up over it.  Its all about balance and knowing your triggers.


Are you ready to make a change in your life?  Your beautiful heart has no bounds when you help the ones you love and care for.  Why not add to that and join us in helping others with there health and fitness goals.  This is also for you if you are or want to start a healthier lifestyle. Why not share it with others.  That is so inspirational.

Join our tribe - a fit caregiver


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What comes with the 2B Mindset?

The Videos:

21 videos to teach you the basic principles of the program
Includes education on food groups, what to eat and when, plus real-life strategies for every eating
situation (e.g., eating at restaurants, at parties, while on a trip, for vegans/vegetarians, etc.).

5 videos to overcome common
weight-loss struggles That include answers to common questions and advice on weight-loss challenges.

15 recipe videos Ilana teaches you how to cook time-saving, delicious, easy, and satisfying meals in no time.

your enough - stacey perry a fit caregiver


As a caregiver and working 12-hour shift most days it really difficult to eat right and find the time to workout. I believe starting with nutrition first is an easier and more realistic path forward. Let’s face it we do a lot for the ones we love.  Especially if we have to take of them,  but remember you have to take care of you too.  You are so important and your caring heart and what you do every day doesn’t go unnoticed.  Bless you and if your ready please join me or get more info by contacting me by clicking one of the stars below.

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Please share with someone who needs a little inspiration in their life.  Thank you for stopping by and visit me anytime on Facebook, Instagram or comment below. Have a beautiful day!


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