Quotes that inspire us

Quotes that inspire us. When was the last time you honestly looked at yourself and wrote down what you are good at, what your strengths are and what you need to improve in your life? We all are a work in progress and continually are developing ourselves to be better.  If not you might Continue Reading

Healthcare Humor for your laughing pleasure

Laughing and humor are so good for your well being especially if you work in the healthcare field or care for loved ones or friends, sometimes the stress of it all can get to you. Here are few of my favorite memes and pics I found on the web this Continue Reading

A Prayer for all Caregivers

A Prayer for all Caregivers There are so many types of Caregivers:  Nurses, CNAs, Nursing assistants, home care aides and the children and friends that are caring for someone they genuinely love in there home or just go by to check on them to ensure they are doing well.  It is Continue Reading