5 ways to beat the winter blues



5 Ways to beat the Winter Blues


Beating the winter blues is something I seem to deal with every year.  There is just something in those cloudy, cold & dreary days that just makes me unmotivated and only takes all my energy away from me.  When you have to care for others being your healthiest is so essential, so here are some great tips to get you started on how to beat the winter blues


1- Exercise or just move more

I know I know!! Its cold outside who in their right mind would want to go out there? Just get outside even if it’s just for a short while to breath in the fresh air and does make you feel alive.  This year for me has been learning about myself more so I have been researching about Yoga, and the different forms of meditation and this experience has been freeing, and its effects on my well being have been amazing.


There are many types of Yoga from restorative to the sweating in hot yoga it just depends on you.  For me, I have been researching in my community for an excellent yoga studio and class that suits me and think I finally found one.  The key is finding an instructor that you feel comfortable and relaxed around.  I know many days I will do yoga here at home instead, turn on my diffuser and add some lavender and or frankincense essential oil since those are the two that makes me feel the most relaxed along with some soundscapes and do some relaxing Yoga or Meditation.




2-  Eat Smarter:

by experimenting with a warm, comforting soup to brighten your day or have your tried bone broth that is my new favorite, and it’s super healthy.  When its cold outside we know how easy it is to snack without even thinking about it.  Hello, chips and chocolate.  Comfort foods make you feel happy at first, but ultimately they may aid in depression, and then you feel even sadder, so try your best to avoid these foods in large amounts and try some healthy recipes instead.





3-  Take a warm shower

There’s nothing more relaxing and invigorating than a hot show to give you that spirit of energy and to add to the experience add a few drops of essential oil to make it more relaxing the aroma can uplift your spirits and give you a fantastic start for your day.  I do this at least a couple of times and week, and it’s effortless to do.

Just drop 10-12 drops of essential oils onto a cloth and place it on the shower floor and steam of the show will do its magic.  You can also use essential oils when you take a bath but you should always use a carrier oil ( organic coconut oil, sesame oil or castile soap) with it since oil and water don’t mix well at all and the carrier oil will protect your skin.




4- Think of what you can do for others

Nothing helps more than your caring heart for others that you share every day,  especially to my caregiver family, this does help your mind, body & spirit.  Volunteering whether it’s at your church or like me, I decided to change my day job, while I loved my passion as an at home care aide it was taking a toll on my family and me.

I hit rock bottom when one of the caregivers that were supposed to replace me on Christmas got sick, and they could find anyone to take my shift for me for five days.  I was so upset especially when my daughter needed me; she was having her crisis when her daughter’s dad wouldn’t let her have her daughter for the holidays at the last minute.  It was hard on all of us but especially her, my family is everything to me and when one hurts we all do.  So I found a job that helps me with my retirement with high pay, and I only have to work four days a week, but I did miss caregiving, so I decided to start volunteering to fill that void.   Helping others is indeed the way we help ourselves.


5- Make a list or journal

Writing about how you are feeling and when you feel down you can look at your list and it will revive you where you can evaluate your feeling.  Journaling is great for your mental health especially with these winter months or what the medical community calls winter depression, seasonal affective disorder (SAD).  That word just makes me sad, so start journaling and just write down your thoughts, dreams and feeling so you can understand them more clearly.



Do you have something to add? What activities are helping you this winter to help you stay positive and uplifted, please share by commenting below.

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