Ab Ripper X Exercises with Photos From P90X

Ab Ripper X is one of the best abdominal workouts around. It builds core strength by using the movements of your hips and chest. The simple exercises are painful but produce rewarding results. If you are having trouble making any of the moves you can always modify, and you will feel your abs crying tomorrow, but this works unbelievably well.


If there was such a thing spot training, I know in all the articles I read they said spot training doesn’t work.  I do agree you still have to cut out all the processed foods and weight training and or some cardio to get the full effect on what this Ab Ripper X workout can do for you.


Not everyone wants a six pack; maybe you just want to firm and tighten your core if your a caregiver this is essential when helping others so you won’t injure your back.  There is nothing worse than back pain and having to see your chiropractor or doctor and missing work because you go hurt on or off the job.


Here are the ab ripper x moves with picture and description. Let me know if you have any questions and what you think.



In-and-outs exercise.

1. In-and-Outs

In-and-outs exercise.
Sit down on the mat with your legs straight out in front of you, then lift them off the ground with your knees bent. While keeping your back as upright as possible and your arms up in the air, pull your legs into your chest and straighten them back out. You can make this exercise easier by putting your hands on the ground beside or behind you.



Bicycles exercise.

2. Bicycles

Bicycles exercise.
While in the same starting position as in-and-outs, start to move your legs in a circle like you are riding a bike. Do this for 25 seconds, stop, and reverse the loop. Can also be done with hands at the side or in the air.


Crunchy frog exercise.

3. Crunchy Frog

Crunchy frog exercise.
The Crunchy frog exercise is the same as in-and-outs with one significant difference. When you pull your legs into your chest, wrap your arms around your knees; and when you straighten them stretch your arms straight out to your sides (in the air).


Wide-leg sit-up.

4. Cross-Leg or Wide-Leg Sit-Up

Wide-leg sit-up.
There are two ways to do this one. The more natural way is to sit with your legs spread out wide. Lie down and put your right arm behind your head, and then sit up with your left arm pointing straight in the air. Once you are sitting up straight, touch your left arm to the opposite leg. Note that it’s important to go straight up first and then over to reach the opposite leg. That’s one rep; the second rep is the same thing but with the opposite arm. The wide leg sit up can also be done with your legs crossed, which is harder.


Crunchy frog exercise.

5. Fifer Scissors

Fifer scissors.
Lie down with your legs straight and lift both of them off the ground. Lift your right leg at a ninety-degree angle and hover your left leg right above the ground. Switch the left and right leg positions and repeat, keeping both legs straight and off the ground the whole time.


Hip rock and raise.

6. Hip Rock and Raise

Hip rock and raise.
Start in a “butterfly stretch” position with your legs bent and feet together, with your knees pointing away from each other. During the exercise, maintain the same distance between your knees. Rock backward and raise your hips off the ground. This activity is all about moving the hips up and down while using the core to keep the position of your legs intact. Each up-and-down motion counts as one rep.


Hip rock and raise.

7. Pulse-Up

The motion is the same as the hip rock-and-raise, only both legs are pointed straight up in the air. Leave them in that position and, while lying down, move the hips up and down.


V-ups roll-ups.

8. V-Up Roll-Up

V-ups roll-ups.
Lie down with your legs straight. Do a sit-up and touch your toes, as you lie back down lift your legs up in the air. When you are about halfway lay back down reach up and touch your toes with your legs still in the air. Leave your hands in the air and bring your legs back down.


Oblique v-ups.

9. Oblique V-Ups

Oblique v-ups.
Lie on your side with your legs at a forty-five-degree angle. Place your bottom arm on the ground to stabilize yourself and your top arm behind your head. Balance on your hips and bring your legs toward your chest and bring your elbow toward your knees.


Hip rock and raise.

10. Leg Climbs

Leg climbs.
Lie on your back with one foot flat on the ground, and the other leg lifted toward the ceiling. As you raise your shoulders, “climb” up your leg. There are a few ways to do this. You can reach straight up and touch your toes, or you can grab the side of your leg once for support and then touch your toes.


Hip rock and raise.

11. Mason Twists

Mason twist.
Sit up straight with your knees slightly bent and your feet hovering above the floor. Clutch your hands together in a fist in front of your belly-button. Quickly twist from side to side, rotating your whole torso. Touching both sides counts as one rep.


Here is the Ab Ripper X schedule we use in one of our free groups to work up to the 25 reps per move.  Good luck!

If you haven’t done the Ab Ripper X video workout or maybe its collecting dust in your closet.  You can find the video in the P90x workout series with Tony Horton, it’s tough to complete, especially if you haven’t exercised in a while.  So if this is you, come and join one of our 21-day FREE ab ripper challenges, so we can do this together working up to doing 25 reps for each exercise while motivating each other. Do your best and forget the rest!

day 1 ab ripper x challenge

Heres what day 1 looks like, click the link below if you want to join us!

Join A Fit Caregivers Monthly Challenge

Photo Credits
The fitness model for this series was Camille Harris-Peterson, photographed atGreat Western Power Company in Oakland, California.





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