A Prayer for all Caregivers

A Prayer for all Caregivers

There are so many types of Caregivers:  Nurses, CNAs, Nursing assistants, home care aides and the children and friends that are caring for someone they genuinely love in there home or just go by to check on them to ensure they are doing well.  It is a scary thought thinking about your parents and not knowing how they are when they are miles away when they get sick. Can I relate?  Yes,  I always worry about my parents even though health wise they are doing pretty good, but for those of you that care for you, parents bless you and your heart.  It takes a strong and compassionate person to be a caregiver, so here is a poem for you Caregivers, it’s not an easy task, so just take one day at a time.


A Prayer for Caregivers

May God gift you with
Balm for your heart
Peace for your mind
Strength for each challenge
Courage to hope
Grace for each moment
Rest for each day
Faith to trust
In God’s loving ways, AMEN

I know the plans I have for you and they are good…
Jeremiah 29:11.”

Do you have a poem that inspires or lifts you up? I would love to hear it.



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