3 Simple Tips for Being A Healthier Caregiver


Being a healthier caregiver somedays can be a struggle, 3 Simple Tips for Being A Healthier Caregiver.


Building a body that is strong and that you are proud of full of life and vitality is so important when you’re a caregiver or if you’re in a career of helping others.  Your wellbeing is of the utmost importance, many times that’s the last thing we have time for is taking care of yourself.  But this needs to be done for you to be at your optimal level of health when taking care of others so being a healthy caregiver is very important, so you don’t put your health at risk.

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Remember their quality of life exists because of you! Stay confident, stay real stay you with your open and loving heart! This has never been truer, you are so amazing so please take care of yourself!





Pretty much any workout plan will get you results if you stick with it just remember these 3 simple tips for being a healthier caregiver:

  • Diet will account for 80% of your body transformation.
  • Pick a form of exercise you enjoy and do it as much as possible if you haven’t found it keep on looking.
  • Strength training will make ALL aspects of your life easier.


Being A Healthier Caregiver, start today!


Find something you love doing and if you haven’t found it yet keep on looking it out there just have fun doing it and stick with it.  Its always more fun doing some exercise with a buddy for a friend so try that if you haven’t yet.

Here are some choices to get you started and try something different you never know if you like it or if your good at it until you try it out yourself.


  • Dancing – ballroom, hip-hop, Zumba or line-dancing.
  • Trampoline workout – this looks like so much fun, we just got one near our city in Fairview Heights called
  • sky zone and it this massive building with trampolines and fun activities for the whole family and they even have workouts in a specific area.  I need to try this,  my daughter brought my grandson and he had a blast and didn’t want to leave.  Gotta love toddler tantrums! on an added note my daughter did get a workout out just following her son and just around the trampolines that boy can move.
  • Bicycling
  • walking
  • Hiking- there are so many hiking areas in cities get out there and explore your area.  Some of the trails are so beautiful!
  • Going to the park with your kids or grandkids
  • Running
  • lifting weights
  • boxing or kickboxing
  • swimming
  • Yoga & meditation
  • Online workout groups


Strength training will change your body, in my opinion, more than any other form of exercise.  It might be a little scary at first but just start out small it doesn’t take much time and it will have a profound effect on your body heart and mind.

Try starting weight training 2 times a week for only 15 minutes a day and see how you feel and you can do as little as pushup ups or squats in your living room or if you have a few dumbells at your house there are many exercises you can do to firm you up and get stronger.

We all need strength training in our life it makes up stronger and it will make your life so much easier especially being a caregiver you need all the strength you can muster up some days. The great thing about weight training is even when you not working out you are burning calories and as a side note doing moves for your back will burn the most calories.  So give it a try and ladies no you won’t bulk up you will just feel stronger and ready to tackle the world.

Being A Healthier Caregiver did you know strong is the new healthy.


A strong caregiver is a healthy caregiver

The best thing you can do is start today it doesn’t have to be a full blown out workout, just try and few moves at first and see how you feel because if you do overdo it chances and it will take a while for you to try again.

Make changes in your diet, that is the main starting point and if you need help getting started to try our 3-day detox it only had 5 foods and its very simple to follow and not complicated at all!


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Take care of yourself and if you have any questions about nutrition or need a workout plan to follow please feel free to reach out. – Stacey



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