3 Day Detox – Cleanse Plan Anyone Can Do

3 day detox for your health from a fit caregiver

This Detox – Cleanse Diet Plan is simple and effective to start the springtime fresh and healthy.  I usually do a cleanse every 3 to 6 months just to reboot my system and get all the toxins out of my body and get started with cell renewal which promotes a healthier you.   This is by no means a starvation diet, you will just be eating less, eating clean and giving the foods that your body is craving for.




Many times cleanses have too many ingredients I don’t have at home and I have never heard of.  This is super simple and easy to follow.  This is perfect if you want a fast, clean break to drop a few pounds in a short time or break some bad habits.  Giving your body the kick start it deserves to start a healthier lifestyle.


When should I begin?

It’s really your call when you begin the program.  Many people start on Friday morning so they can feel focused throughout the weekend.  While others prefer to do it during the week so they don’t feel the temptation of weekend activities that they have planned with there friends and family.  Another perfect time is after the holidays when you indulged just a little too much.  It feels good to shed a few pounds and feel less bloated.





The great part is you will only need to eat 5 foods.  This is so basic and you won’t break the bank since you stick with the same 5 foods for 3 days.

The 5 foods are:

  • Blueberries  
  • Greek yogurt 
  • Spinach 
  • Red onion 
  • Almonds

Do you want the whole detox diet plan? fill out the form below and we will send it to you within minutes.


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